"Something of a prodigy who has been performing onstage since age 7, Ian Kimmel is truly coming into his own." Kremi Spengler — The Journal Staff Writer 

Ian Kimmel

​​"Ian Kimmel and The Heard are taking the music scene by storm!"  John Mayer - Ambassadors Blues Fest

In the music world where, across genres, “many are called but few are chosen’” it’s far from a stretch to opine “beware; there’s little room at the top.” Now, enter young Ian Kimmel who (I’ll put it all on the line, now) is gifted with the all the tools it’s going to take to earn his place rightfully among the chosen few in the small room. ​

At the age of seven; then, young Ian made his first on-stage performances. At age 11, Ian already was fronting his own band. Starting 2011, Ian’s amalgam of traditional and modern music bluegrass band, Barton’s Hollow, began winning strings of band contests.  Ian has since gone on to perform border-to-border, coast-to-coast, and internationally.  In 2014, Ian Kimmel walked away with SPBGMA’s coveted Mandolin Player of the Year award. Ian, musically, has shifted from high gear into overdrive. For starters, he’s long since arrived stellar-accomplished on guitar (acoustic and electric), mandolin, and Dobro. Self-accompanied on whichever instrument, Ian’s lead singing (he sings all the parts, too) come naturally. They’re powerful, and, refreshingly, not the least bit self-conscious. Ian, seemingly effortlessly, jumps genres; ranging from folk, to rock, to blues. Currently, Ian is enrolled at Berklee College of Music, which is coveted as the best contemporary music school in the world.  Berklee, essentially, is the four-year degree epicenter where aspiring, capable, goal-driven young musicians go.

Finally (only for the time being), keep all eyes on your radar screens.  Ian Kimmel’s signature is already there.  In that world where there’s little room at the top, where few are chosen; Ian Kimmel’s eyes are on the front door, and he’s on the move.   (Len Kalakian)

"Producer/artist, Ian Kimmel, is changing the face of the music industry. Kimmel, now decorated with multiple Platinum records and 13 Billboard #1’s, is responsible for over 100 million streams with

credits on over 100 records. Kimmel has the gift

of seamlessly genre jumping. He’s worked with

Rap artists Rick Ross, Juice WRLD, and Dave

East, R&B legends like Mary J. Blige while also

working with the most popular Pop group in the

world, BTS." — Len Kalakian