Don't Leave Me Lonely - Ian Kimmel
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August 25th-27th, 2018

“The production was really dope”

“Fun production with a pop spirit that feels genuine”

“The vocals are very impressive”
Loku SH

“Really nice track, liking the writing and the instrumentation is cool too.”
Plastic Mag

“Liked the vocals”
Universal Melody

“I got some HAIM vibes for this track. Nice production.”

“Catchy beat and nice vocals”
The Falling Apple

“The vocals were on point”

“Loved the gritty feel and the texture to the guitar. The vocals are nice and the drum beat is great.”
Electro Posé

“We loved the progressive vibes and the chorus here”

“Good text of the song, soul vocal”

“Solid track here, the instrumental sounds solid”

“The vocals style is written really well and we enjoyed the vocal performance”
Gems & Secrets

“Enjoying the vibes a lot on this song, this is well executed!”

“Very cute song. I like the rhythm and the sound arrangements. Also the voices.”
undefined - The Blog

“Guitar / bassline here is dope. Vocals sound good”

“The singing voice is piece of art we love it”
Cheers To The Vikings

“A good gunning bass line”
At Cost Magazine

“Good work! Interesting instrumentation and nice voice.”

“The vocals are lovely and combine well”
Our Culture Mag

“You are talented and gifted”
Indie Music Home

“I like the up vibe of the song and your use of some different percussion sounds”

“This is awesome, the instrumental and vocal work is very well executed. This is terrific, +1 from me."

“Great production, well mixed / mastered. Good groove. i like the vocals”

“Love the production on track and indie electro vibe”
Daily Playlists

“The combination of melody and harmony starting from 0:46 was attractive”
Niche Music

“I enjoyed the catchy beat and ambience”
Aminium Music